Kevin Lynch Music Services Join Mary Ball The Musical

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The Mary Ball Team is delighted to announce that the brilliantly talented Kevin Lynch has signed on to orchestrate "Mary Ball: A New Musical".


Kevin has built a sizable YouTube presence over recent years with his clever, witty and insightful breakdowns of all aspects of the musical theatre industry. He is a very accomplished composer, singer and arranger, and the Mary Ball Team are delighted that Kevin is going to provide his expert musical services for our production.


For more information about Kevin’s musical and talents and services, click the links below:

Mary Ball Is Back In The News

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A essential element of "Mary Ball: A New Musical", is the death mask of Mary Ball. Now, people will get the chance to get a close look at a replica of the death mask, thanks to a collaboration between the West Midlands Police Heritage Team and Warwick University. 

In our show, our young protagonist, Violet, gets a little too close to the death mask with unexpected consequences. Let's hope the fine people of Coventry and Nuneaton get to also experience the mask in their own unique way!

For the full story, check out the link below:

We Are Live

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"Mary Ball: A New Musical" is now live! This is a passion project that officially began during the Covid Lockdown in early 2020, but in reality is a more than a decade long project in the creative and collaborative process.


We are proud and excited to share this project with you and will update you all with our progress on this website. Please share with friends so we can begin to build a platform for this "strange but beautiful" work of musical theatre!

"It's musical theatre Jim, but not as we know it."

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