“Mary Ball: A New Musical” is a fictionalized history of the life of Mary Ball, the last female victim of capital punishment in Coventry in the United Kingdom. It tells not just the story of the tragic Mary, but also of young Violet, a self-harming 17-year-old who is dealing with the divorce of her parents and a move to a new town, whilst desperately trying to work out who she is, and where she belongs in the modern world.

Although a fictionalized history, where some names, dates and events have been changed to both forward the dramatic narrative and to be sensitive to those attached to this tragic tale, this show is very much rooted in real historical events. We have used important primary and secondary historical sources to inform our decision making, and we hope to have stayed true to essence of the historical narrative. 

Written by long-time friends and collaborators Richard Barnfather and Ben Fellows, this show aims to not only try and to explore, and redress, the cruelties and inequities of the past, but explore the deep anxieties of the present.
“Mary Ball. Strange. But Beautiful”.